Welcome to Orange Sailing.

A new destination…A new generation

Slowly the ship sets course to sea. The masts groan silently in the wind. Lines are pulled and the sails rise. The sheets are set and the wind fills the sails. The ship carelessly leans over a bit. She accelerates now that the wind gets hold of her. The bow cleaves the waves and the water sparkles among her well shaped hull.

For ages people have sailed the seas and oceans, looking for new and unknown destinations. Never knowing exactly what to expect, but well prepared to face the elements.

Our course is set to new destinations, new horizons and a new generation.


Orange Sailing Holding B.V.

Website  www.orangesailing.com
E-mail        : webcontact[at]orangesailing.com

Head Office in The Netherlands:

Tobias Asserlaan 5
2517 KC The Hague, The Netherlands
Tel : (+31) (0)70 3120317
Fax: (+31) (0)70 3523469

Representative Office in Vietnam:

17-C5 Vinh Diem Trung
Nha Trang, Vietnam

Tel  : +84 (0) 258 387 8714
Fax: +84 (0) 258 387 8715
Ruurd van Putten:   ruurd[at]sailing.vn
Trang van Putten:   trang[at]sailing.vn